Saturday, August 23, 2008

Singaporeans Spoil Their Children

As the figures for Singapore's birthrate goes down, the Singapore Government is seeking new measures to help boost up its young married Singaporeans to have more children. To do so, the Government is giving lots of incentives and bonuses to kick start this. Cash bonuses increase, longer maternity leave, infant and child care leave, more child care and infant care centres are some of them.

As a matter of fact, Singaporeans do love their children. The reason why they had resisted having more children is because of the costs that are involved from pregnancy till growing up and education. Singaporeans are known to spend a fortune on their children. If you go to any mall in Singapore you will see parents, especially mothers shopping for baby and children's products. They seldom compromise on quality and will gladly buy the best and not let their kids be left out. It is also their way of making up for the lost time while the parents are working hard.

Singaporeans enjoys online shopping as some stay home moms do not have time to go to shopping malls or stay in the crowd with other shoppers. Having a young child may prove to be somewhat stressful so online shopping becomes a favourite activity when the kids are in bed.

ShopWiki is an all in one online store for Singaporean parents for their young. Buying clothes, baby accessories and toys are among the favourite items mothers will eagerly shop. Many of my friends already started ordering infant clothes and accessories while they are still pregnant. In ShopWiki you can be also pick up lots of buying tips about any baby stuff you are going to get. They provide many buying guides like for car seats, strollers, clothing, activity sets and even music. And with every handy information they provide, they also recommend you they products that prove to be the best for your child.

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