Friday, August 22, 2008


Coffee in Singapore. Well, today I read that Singaporeans are drinking loads of coffee. The urge for this fix of caffeine is growing stronger each year. Last month, news reported that in Starbucks in US had as many as 600 stores in being closed and 12,000 employees being laid off. In Australia 61 outlets was closed.

However, in Singapore, coffee chains are mushrooming. These coffee chains are seeing a growth better than ever.

Spinelli has 28 outlets and still expanding. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf plans to open a new outlet every month in the next 3 months. Local coffee chains like Ya Kun Kaya Toast are going to add 2 more to their 31 store chain. Ya Kun sells about 28,000 cups a day, and according to reports, this is about 15% increase compared with last year! Wow!

At the local neighbourhood kopitiam, coffee business is also booming. Coffee products sold in supermarkets also reported increase in their sales. Giant went up by 30%, NTUC went up by 20% and Cold Storage went up by 10%.

Does that mean Singaporeans are sleeping less with this much coffee? I, for one, can't live without a cup in the morning, mid day and afternoon. Coffee Completes Me.

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