Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bringing Up Baby in Singapore

Singapore's recent news sees new measures by the Singapore government in helping the people in their responsibilities in having children, more children. As all Singaporeans know, the level of fertility rate is very much lower than what it was 2 decades ago. The Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is tackling this issue for the second time since four years ago at the inaugural Rally in 2004.

More measures will include additional maternity leave for mothers, tax incentives, subsidies in childcare and more child care leave and not to mention subsidies in assisted reproduction techniques.

Here is a simple outline view of some of these measures:

  • Mothers can take up to 4 motnhs of maternity leave.

  • Allowed, one week of unpaid leave each year, until the child turns two.

  • Extended child care leave is extended to 6 days (up from 2 days) for child younger than 7 years of age.

  • New mums get bigger cash grant.

  • Tax and child care subsidy up to fifth child.

  • Boosting more child care centres by allowing more centres to be built and more subsidy for these centres.

  • Financial aid for in-vitro fertilisation treatment.

  • Better tax incentives for moms to work

  • Match making agencies and SDS join forces to encourage more social networks for couples.

Hopefully these new measures will see a baby boom increase among the Singapore citizens.

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Ghormax said...

This will not necessarily work. In Germany, they have some of the best incentives to have children (some even better than the one's in your list!) and yet it has the lowest birth rates in Europe.