Friday, October 3, 2008

Wheelchairs on Singapre Buses?

In the recent news, it was reported that disabled commuters have been denied from boarding the SBS bus although the bus had displayed decal that the bus was a wheelchair accessible bus. What a shock. This apparently was proven so when an auditor tried to board the services of the 4 public buses in Singapore recently. Although the buses drivers were apologetic, he was denied from boarding the buses because they told him that they had no approval from LTA (Land Transport Authority and the SBS Transit that they are allowed to ferry wheelchair users.

It was only 20 minutes later, he flagged down another bus service 57 that the bus driver without any hesitation, laid the ramp on the kerb and wheeled Mr Lee aboard.

I suppose the public bus transport need to iron out their issues over which buses are allowed and which are not. And if they are not, I hope they will take the decal off the windscreen to prevent any misunderstandings. This way the drivers for the buses would not be caught in between the decisions too.

I'm sure while this is being iron out, in future, LTA will be working on features and accessibility for wheelchair bound passengers. Hope it will be fast so that we can be a gracious society to the less fortunate or the handicapped passengers.

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