Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trendy Clothes

Did you know that you can now own your own little retail shop selling trendy and fashionable clothes? Well, some business owners I know had to travel far and wide to shop for wholesale clothing at other countries and buy them in cartons back. This method requires time, effort and money sending orders back to the town of their shop. It may work if you are shopping for a large order for a few shops but what if you are looking into limited number of clothing wholesale price but not as many as a whole carton of them? This works great if you have a kiosk selling fashionable clothings and you have no space for a large carton of clothes.

Apparel Showroom is the answer then. Not only do they sell a wide range of clothing at wholesale price, all you need is to make your orders online, without having to leave your comfy chair or office. Browze from their various collection of clothes, bags, sunglasses, intimates and more. You can really get a good range of fashionable wear from here and orders are from minimum pieces of as few as 4 to a dozen or more. You can even shop for half a dozen of handbags and give them as Christmas presents to your friends! The unit price for a handbag is only $5.25 each and the package of 5 cost you only $26.25. What a great deal!

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