Friday, October 3, 2008

Choi Jin-sil Commited Suicide?

It was sad news reading about the popular actress from South Korean, Choi Jin-sil who was reported believed to commit suicide by hanging herself in the bathroom on the 2nd of October. The report says that she was depressed since her divorce in 2004. She also worried about how to care for her two children who are in elementary school.

What a terrible thing that should happen to a divorced mother of two young children. There is always help extended to many of those poor children and family but perhaps there should be social help for single mothers or those who have gone through a divorce. I believe many divorcees and single mothers do worry about their livelihood and sometimes it is hard to get back into society especially when they have just had a broken marriage. I've seen many friends of mine, of whom are women and they, find themselves deep in depression when they have had unsuccessful marriages.

If it is true that Choi Jin-sil had comitted suicide for depression, it must be hard for her as being an actress she has had to fight off scandalous and rumours as well as putting on an act while acting. It must be a very tiring affair for her to decide that she is too tired and decided to take her own life?

May God Bless Her Soul. She should not be blamed and I hope someone takes care of her two young children too.

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