Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Great Eyeglasses at Low Price

I normally pay for a pair of eyeglasses about $80. This is about the cheapest that I could find in the retail shops and these include prescription lens. So it was a great surprise when I found out that I could actually buy a pair of prescription glasses for as low as $8. It was something that was even mentioned on a radio talk show, The Clark Howard Show. It mentioned that is an online eyeglass website that sells stylish glasses at that low price. I had to see it for myself so I logged on and went to

To my surprise I found that their prices are so much cheaper than what I can get in many retail shops. They also carry many fashionable frames with modern designs as well. Look at this trendy looking glasses from Zenni Optical. They are so cool and definitely fashionable.

Zenni Optical is able to sell their eyeglasses at their low price because the practically have very low overheads. They sell their eyeglasses direct to customers as they manufacture them in the their own factory. What was wonderful to know was that I really do not have to pay so much for swimming goggles with prescrition lenses as well. And I see so many lovely designs for sunshades that will go very well with my new wardrobe. It is wonderful to know that I can save so much on my purchases. The next time I need a pair of nice sunshades, I know where to get them from.

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