Thursday, October 2, 2008

Prevent A Loved One From Entering Casino?

In Singapore, the much awaited first integrated resort will open its doors in the the third quarter of next year. It will be located at Marina Bay. Singaporeans are well known for being among the top tourists in nearby countries, playing at casinos.

In Singapore alone, many families are worried that having a casino may become a social problem since it is awailable within their own country. Worry not, this problem had been something that the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) had thought of. From January 2009, families are allowed to apply for their members to be excluded from entry in the local casinos.

This application will need the family member who made the application, together with the person in the application to go for counselling. A committee will make the decision to issue the exclusion only after a hearing is done. There are as many as 60 grassroots leaders and professionals from the social service sectors to be part of the panel of assessors.

There will be some requirements for being an assessors, and based on their experience in social and community service, their age, maturity and academic qualifications of miniumum of O levels and above.

Only upon close counselling and assessment, will the panel of committee determines if the person be determine to be in the exclusion order. So far as many as 29,000 had been submitted to be banned from visiting the casino. I wonder if these are approved or just to be assessed individuals. Isn't it frightening to know that if these are those who may not be able to control their sense of gambling habits, there are still legalized ones like Totos, 4Ds and others.

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