Monday, July 28, 2008

Plenty of Fruits

Fruit vendors in Singapore are abundant. There is no shortage of fruits. Singapore, although has no natural resources, it imports lots of food items from neighbouring and far countries. Fruits are available whole year long. Now is the time for lots of Lychees, Durians, Mangosteens, Longans and even Fuji Apples from China and Japan. And i saw this large basket of Watermelons recently. They were really cheap. I could get a big Watermelon at only $5.00. When it is really cheap, some places sell them for about $2.50 each! Believe me, you can eat till your heart's content.

Even strawberries per punnet cost anything like $2.95 to about $4.90 per punnet. It is not very expensive especially when these fruits are all imported. And the cheap King of Fruits, The DURIAN is so cheap at $5.00 per box (equivalent to about half a durian). Sometimes when they are clearing, they will 'auction' if off at 3 boxes for $10.00! Longans are sold at $1.50 per 100gm. Fuji Apples are about $2.50 for 5.

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