Saturday, July 19, 2008

Long time ago, handphones were only used by only the filthy rich. Those handphones are bulky, weighed a ton! It's also like a squarish little box about the same thickness of your regular Yellow Pages. Some of those who uses the handphone included those who works in the secret underworld or what the local Singaporeans will call them Loan sharks or the Master mind of Triad gangs. People used to joke about it because these people owned the old fashion handphones basically for two reasons - to make contact with their secret member and to use it as a protection or fighting tool. Well.. how much truth, only those who were involved will probably know.. lol

Now, owning a handphone (some call it mobile, some call it cellphone) is like a fashion accessory. Like watches, one may have one, two or even collections of handphones! And some will buy them each time a new model is released... they even give it more character by dressing them in crystals, hooks on cute bears, figurines, clothe them in leather bags, cute pouches or even 'skin' them in patterns. There is no end to this fad and handphone owners are getting younger and younger. I've seen as young as kindy child having his or her own handphone.. geez!

Because of this booming fad, old telephones around public area are almost non existence. The new ones are the card public phones and some coin ones, but there aren't many. Check out a picture of this old phone that I found in a market somewhere in Singapore. This was what I meant.. the orange coloured telephone that I used to call ever so often.. I really miss it a lot!

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