Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Medicinal Tea

As the weather gets so unpredictable, many people are falling sick lately. In Singapore, traditional teas are a good way to replenish the heat. When one is feeling that he is coming down with the flu or feeling sickly, they usually would boil Herbal teas at home or buy them from shops that specializes in Herbal Teas.

There are many kiosks that also sell herbal teas. Some have medicinal values in them. There are Chrysanthemum, Longan, Lo Han Guo, Water Chestnut, Honey drink and more. Different teas have different properties in them. Some are cooling teas and some are heaty ones. Longan is usually known as heaty ones.

I usually buy some medicinal ones like the Ling Yang or known as the Antelope Horn drink. It is very good for those who are having fever as it brings the fever down. I usually try to boil it at home once a week. And I buy the ready made ones when I am down with fever. It is more convenient when one is already sickly.

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