Saturday, March 22, 2008

Top Digital Cameras in the Market

In recent years, digital cameras are no more luxury items as before. It has become an essential which is affordable to most people. The prices for digital cameras gets cheaper each year as new models are released, with new features, higher megapixels and ease of handling. What do you think are among the top digital cameras that are popular with consumers?

If you are a photographer, chances are one of your camera might turn out to be a Canon Digital camera. Canon had always been popular among photographers and designers. They like the flexible ability of being able to switch from a manual mode for more control of certain exposure since they have equipments to complements with play of lightings. Priced a little higher than most of the other brands but their quality and colour is undoubtedly the best in the market. Video quality is high and impressive. Read about Canon reviews and ratings.

Nikon Digital Cameras are no exception to photographers. Nikon was (and still is) among a popular choice with photographers in the past expecially when one starts learning to handle black and white shots. I used to own a Nikon FM2 myself for black and white shots. In digital cameras nowadays, you don't have to worry about getting a polaroid just to see an interim shot. Also you can control your apertures and speed without taking excess shots in case your prints comes out under or over exposed. Nikon comes very close to the Canon in terms of quality so it could be an individual preferance or a brand loyalty fan.

Coming in a third close in the market are the Sony Digital Cameras which is very popular for it's funky design, its quality lens and the lure of youth as a fun camera. It is also popular with those who have no prior experience to digital cameras as it is very user friendly and has many range of price from the budget conscious to the expensive range.

As most camera brands enter the foray of digital world, Olympus digital camera and Pansonic digital camera also became a star in their own right. They are popular because of their reasonably priced package and overall ease of use.

Expotv has many other reviews about digital cameras, MP3 Players, Home Audio and more. It is a good site for you to read up on the products and reviews by consumers before you take that decision to purchase any electronic item.

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Farah Deen said...

wow Yyun, you seem to know a lot abt cameras! When I needed a digi cam, all I told my hubby was that I wanted a
1) simple to use camera
2) pretty looking
3) sharp pictures
4) could take video also
5) small one

and at last, i got myself a sony camera! hehehe i only know how to click and done! more than that will make me confused and all tensed up. LOL

Anonymous said...

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