Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Civil Servants doing the rap

Singaporeans are among the most hardworking people I've met in the world. They are trained since at a young age to strive for their future. They take their education seriously since young and has never looked back. The 5 Cs has been something most Singaporeans look for from the time they finish their education - Credit Card, Condominium, Club, Career and Car (not in order).

For many years, Singaporeans have been reputed to be very engrossed in their work so when this video was done, it portrays that there is another side of a Singaporean that the world do not know.

While some videos drew hot and cold comments, this one is among my favourite. It shows that you work hard, you play hard. They are commendable for putting up a rap like these. If you look at the average workoholic Singaporean in the business suit, chances are they work non-stop day-in and day-out. It's a working world in Singapore. This video just proves to the world what Singaporeans are capable of.

You Go Singapore!!! Canlah Singapore!

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