Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sim Lim Square

Singapore is a good place to purchase your electronic items or products. Many tourists from Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Europe, and even Japan cannot resist the competivie price of electronic products that are sold in Singapore. These items can be much cheaper than the nearby countries and the best time to shop in Singapore is during the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE which is in middle of May through to about end of June. This is also the time Singapore holds its Arts Festival and sees many tourists surge.

Sim Lim Square. A place popular in Singapore where you can buy all things Electronics. It is known as Singapore's largest electronics and computer centre. This building has six story full of products like cameras, LCD television screens, High-end sound systems, computer systems, office equipments, games, softwares, and more!

Browze around as many shops as you like to be sure of the best bargains, or check them at shops that are authorized dealers for the particular brands for more accurate product information. Also look out for shops that have participated in the STARetailer Programme (which is administered by the Sim Lim Square Traders' Association). This is the Assurance of Trust of Service, Trust and Confidence. Supported by Singapore Tourism Board.

The STARetailer Pledge is:
>> Not to sell products above RRP
>> To be honest
>> To issue official clear and concise receipts
>> To refrain from abusive language or conduct
>> To remain courteous and polite at all times
>> To provide good after sales service
>> To train and employ well trained or knowledgeable staff

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Bravespirit... said...

Hello! I find Singapore a clean and a more structured place compared to other asian countries I've been to (well, there were only 3, thailand, HK, and Singapore). I was there 6 years ago in a business trip. My friend went to Sim Lim and that was were she got her first component. Quite happy about it.