Wednesday, March 26, 2008

JJ Lin aka Lin Jùnjié, another Singaporean Pride

Singaporeans will be familiar with JJ Lin, (pinyin name: Lin Jùnjié, chinese character 林俊杰) who was born in Singapore on 27 March 1981. He studied in Anglo-Chinese School and subsequently in St Andrew's JC and was made popular in China. In Taiwan he managed to clinch the title Best New Artist in the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards.

In Singapore, he was selected to perform in the National Day Parade and has seen his popularity among Singaporeans increased since. Other awards he has won in Singapore are the Gold award (Best New Act, Singapore Hit Awards), Best Local Male Artiste, Best Composing Artiste, Best Male Vocalist and Best Local Music Composition awards. His talent as a composer and performer has been the leading edge and advantage in comparison to other artists.


Catherine said...

I love JJ songs and I owned 2 of his albums! His music is special, creative and unique.

YYun said...

wow you're a fan.. i gotta get mine too.