Sunday, February 3, 2008


1. This is commonly known as Yew Char Koay, or the Fried Bread cruellers. It is a popular snack in Singapore. The Yew Char Koay is also used in the Singapore Rojak (a mixed vegetable and fruit salad) as well as compliments the plain porridge as well. Another favourite to eat the just fried crispy Yew Char Koay is to dip it in hot coffee (black).

2. This is also a flour based deep fried snack. Nicknamed the Butterfly, it has a coat of sweetness like a sugar glaze and sesame on the surface. Kids love these because of its sweetish savoury flavour.

3. Known as Ham Chim Peng, it is savoury and has few types of fillings. The fillings are sweet black bean paste among the common ones and the plain saltish savourish flavour. It goes well with morning coffee and is among one of a popular bread/pastry snack for local Singaporeans.

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