Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Katong Laksa

Singapore is famous for its food. Singaporeans may travel to all corners in the island searching for the food they like or those that are popular. Katong Laksa is widely known for its name as it is widely available in the east area of Singapore - Katong.

This is a noodle dish (glass vermicelli) and the gravy is coconut based. Its ingredients contain cockles, fish-cake slices, prawns and lots of rempah (spice paste)

There is also another coconut based Laksa which is the known as Singapore Laksa. The Katong Laksa has more coconut and is usually served with just a chinese spoon. Nowadays, the Katong Laksa can be found in every part of Singapore, not just the East area. Here is a picture of what the Katong Laksa looks like.

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