Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome to Alamai Oi Oi

As a resident of Singapore, this blog is dedicated to everything that is related to Singapore such as news, events, shopping, food and more. It will take time to build up this blog. I hope it proves informative to you, as a blog visitor, Singaporean, a resident in Singapore or even a tourist who is visiting Singapore.

Singapore is a country very much like a Melting Pot. It is located in Asia. The many races when you walk on the streets here are Chinese, Malay, Indians, Caucasians and more. Many expats are made up of people who come here to work and they have made Singapore their home. Some who have lived in Singapore ended up becomes citizens of Singapore because of it's efficient government, high standard of living, meritocracy and prospects. They have even infused themselves to be part of the Singapore lifestyle and adopted the many interests of Singaporean like food, sights and develop many relationship through friends, marriage and work.

Come and read up on my blog about living in Singapore and what Singapore can offer you.

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