Saturday, December 29, 2007

Zo Gang

Browzing throught the internet got me started this blog about Singapore and everything about it. I have been living in Singapore for the last 2 decades and I have found myself very much infused in their lifestyle. Living in Singapore had changed the way I see Singaporeans. If you know a little bit about them you will find that they are very confident people and although they do complain a little bit more, they are the result of a good education which the government had been so kind to instill in them since young. Singapore has no land for agricultural but this does not stop the government from finding all the various ways to make Singapore independant and comfortable and thus they are a developed nation.

Singapore judge its people based on merits and so as long as you work hard you will be rewarded in your own way. I am not a citizen but the embrace Singapore has given me as a resident give me much hopes that this a good country who cares about it's people and takes alot of trouble to give what it can give to the Singapore citizens. The Singapore dollar is very strong against other currencies in the region signaling a growth in its sector.

This one is really hilarious! Check it out. I find it very entertaining. It's a little overexaggerated, to showcase the typical Singaporean local...

I support you Singaporeans! You aren't so badlah!

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napaboaniya said...

Very typical Singaporean's lifestyle :P

Wishing you Gong Hey Fatt Choy!!