Saturday, February 14, 2009

Deciding Between Laptops or Desktops

Decades ago, buying a computer involved so much of research for me. But they were mostly very exhausting ones. I practically went to retails to find out the specifications of the personal computers and asked the sales people who sold them. Only did I realized that those that were paid commision to sell the products thus were not looking out much for customers' requirements and needs. They would sell their own products they work for and would not recommend any other brands.

Much later, I found out that in order to get a fair and justified professional advice, I just need to look at the right place online to find out what I need to know when searching to buy the right personal computers for myself.

As I have been using a desktop in the past decades, I couldn't decide if I wanted a new desktop or I should be getting a laptop instead. I want something portable but at the same time I wasn't sure if a laptop would be able to withstand long operating hours if I had it turned on for long periods of time. Reading up finally got me decided that a laptop still prove to be versatile and many new laptops were highly optimized workhorses too. I could always fix an extra desktop monitor should I need a larger screen.

Ideally one should always read up before one makes a decision in their buying decisions. It also helps to understand your budgets and needs too.

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Danielle Price said...

It really pays to read more about what you want to purchase before purchasing it. Although the laptops reall has its many advantage.