Friday, February 13, 2009

Argument Leaves Women Naked

I read about the recent news whereby a Malaysian girlfriend of a French tourist was found naked at the corridor of a hotel. Apparently she was being locked out by her French boyfriend after an argument. The woman, 46 years old, was found by a hotel staff who helped her cover her body and given some clothes.

The French tourish was then arrested under charges of criminal intimidation as well as outraging the modesty of the woman. According to reports, the police was called up when a fierce argument happened the night before.

Well, how can this boyfriend of hers leave her out there naked? I really just cannot understand it. Even if an argument had broken out, that is such a cruel thing to do. I hope the punishment is stiff for him.

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kambingbujang said...

its so weird and cruel of being left without clothes. At least he asked her to put her cloth on before chase her out.. erhmmm