Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Ways of The Young

Winnie Cheng has been caught on camera kissing two different men on Christmas night last year in Hong Kong. And this year, what can be worst than posting photos of party and smooching as many as 19 different men on her blog.

So what is the father of Winnie Cheng has to say over her frivolous ways? The father is none other than the popular actor Adam Cheng. Her photos in the blog were taking on many locations from streets, beaches, night clubs, public transportation and even on the bed. Almost 20 years old, Winnie insists that it is no big deal being in a bikini kissing tattooed man who were topless.

Ahem.. In my days, we weren't allowed to even go to the movies till we are 21 years old... but if that would have been my daughter, I'd flipped!

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