Saturday, November 15, 2008

White Tigers in Singapore Mauled Worker

First time in history, Singapore Zoo's white tigers mauled at a Zoo contract worker in the enclosure. The contract worker, who works in the chimpanzee area had apparently jumped into the moat after behaving strangely before the incident. Once in the moat, he had also been shouting at the tigers and using the broom to intimidate the tigers. 2 of the tigers than pounced on him, and dragging him into a passageway as the crowd shouted and throw things to distract the tiger from attacking it's victim. The worker put a bucket on his head and curled up in a foetal position and was bitten behind the head.

Zoo onlookers who were there when the incident happened had first hand experience and some had pictures taken. Zoo keepers had also tried to distract the tigers but apparently their method was futile.

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